Mike Alonso Alcala

Within my works, I explore the convergence of historic art, religious iconography, and contemporary
technological motifs, set against a backdrop devoid of distinct form, purposefully emphasizing the raw
essence and evocative power of the urban environments that surround me. Through a meticulous
layering process that combines imagery, textual elements, and nostalgic references from internet
culture, I create textured, paint-based compositions that evoke the essence of collage.

By employing carefully crafted cut-out stencils, my paintings reveal portals and windows, inviting
viewers to glimpse into my personal memories and facilitating an exploration of the intricate relationship
between technology and the tangible world. In a time where multiple realities coexist, I seek to offer
viewers a fresh perspective on the lives that surround me. Drawing inspiration from pop art, graffiti, and
the artistic legacy of the Renaissance, my works ultimately transform into contemporary frescoes, akin
to those found adorning the industrial walls of Los Angeles.

In essence, my paintings serve as a vibrant amalgamation of diverse artistic styles and influences,
synthesizing the interplay of technology, history, and urban existence. By inviting viewers to inhabit
multiple realms simultaneously, my intention is to evoke a profound emotional response and shed new
light on the multifaceted experiences inherent to the individuals within my immediate environment.


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Mike Alcala

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Artist Work

Concrete Flowers (2023)
Painting inspired by a 2Pac poem called "The Rose That Grew From Concrete". Like the poem the painting touches on themes of perseverance and beauty no matter where you come from. Sometimes the prettiest outcomes bloom from hard work and patience.

Simulacrum (2023)
The realms of social media and the internet help us occupy multiple spaces at once. While having the world at the touch of a button can make us feel connected it also secludes us from the world by forcing us to live important parts of our lives digitally.

Windows 2000 (2023)
Smartphones, computer screens, and TVs are like windows between two worlds, serving as portals to a variety of experiences—both positive and negative.