Miisfiit – Art by Edward Gonzalez

    My name is Edward Gonzalez and have participated in many art endeavors from a young age and have found recognition in the form of my art being displayed in movie premiere galleries, school yearbook covers, and murals. Art was always a part of my identity, in that my family and close friends would often comment on my creative expression and imagination. Over the years, I struggled with practicing my skills and would step away from creating new pieces due to work or other personal issues. During the covid shutdown in 2020, I was provided with the opportunity to work from home which gave me the time to commit more effort into practicing my visual art skills and developing a refreshed sense of confidence. During this time, I developed a style of painting and collaging in which I used classical art techniques with contemporary practices and resources. I practiced with non-traditional materials, usually used in street art, such as Sharpie markers, spray paints and cardboard which gave my art a texture and impression that enhanced the abstract and introspective storytelling aspect of my pieces. 

    My educational development in art has laid out a path of blueprints I can always rely on in order to make a comprehensive piece. My exposure to 90’s and early 2000’s pop culture have given me colors, shapes, and ideas to draw inspiration from. The materials and canvases I use are inspired from my childhood memories of walking down my neighborhood and seeing graffiti on brick walls and advertising on buildings. My storytelling derives from latin culture and economic perspective.


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Lost in a Submarine (2022)
This piece is my take on the concept of "Lost at Sea". At the time when I made this piece I was making decisions that would set a course for the rest of my life. Both my career and personal life were changing and I was prepared for the waves life had to offer. I incorporated my love for music in the form of influence from The Beatles as the main visual theme in this piece.

Tasteful Memories (2020)
An assortment of "comfort-like" foods that trigger memories of living in latino urban areas of Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods.

Golden State of Miind (2020)
A commission made for a San Francisco native. A street art aproach painting made for an audience who can connect with a more personal attachment to this city.

Commission: Using abstract techniques, this piece was a labor of love to make. About 2.5 hours were spent on filling in the character with Sharpie.