Michelle Sears

I am an artist. My grandmother was a local abstract artist in Long Beach and my Mom is a traditional landscape painter, both inspired by organic and natural elements. I was fortunate to have such talented women on both sides of my family. As a child, art was all around me and is appreciated by my family and I guess you could say it runs in my blood. I am always open for commissions and I love to paint in a variety of styles and mediums. I’ve studied art since a child and formally in school and I am a CSULB alumni.
My paintings and drawings seem to find their way towards the surface.I try to allow my work to evolve naturally without forcing the medium by confining it to my original sketch or idea. It is a unique process, and often times I surprise myself when I just let go and listen to the materials I’ve used.Every single drawing or painting I’ve made always turns out differently than what might be initially imagined.Experimentation is my favorite part of being an artist, overlapping and combining different materials and techniques is an exciting way to be creative, and it keeps everything fresh and new. I have developed my work recently through collaborations with my boyfriend, he is inspired by graffiti, mark making, wood working, and abstract art. We have completed many works together and we are always working towards our next collaborative series in addition to pursuing our individual artistic paths.


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Michelle Sears
(562) 213-3077

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Artist Work

Poppies (2020)
Poppies, is an original watercolor with vibrant hues and expressive mark making completed during the pandemic and featured at the Long Beach Airport exhibition "We Got This"

Untitled (2020)
This is a mixed media abstract original work inspired by elements of street art and nature. It is a collaborative piece by my boyfriend and I. It includes traditional fine art skills and rapid graffiti inspired expression.

Ocean Breathes Salty (2021)
A new series of acrylic on natural cut wood, including oceanic and floral subject matter with minimal expressive mark making.