Michael Petow

Michael Petow is a Schizophrenic painter and sculptor whose process is heavily influenced by the subconscious, not knowing what a work will become until it reveals itself in the end. Known for his urban influenced work utilizing spray paint and highly expressionistic brush strokes. His psychologically charged compositions reflect the underpinnings of mental illness beneath the surface of modern society and the archetypal landscape of his psyche. Having painted graffiti for 15 years Michael shunned the traditional gallery setting and has only been showing work since January 2018.


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Contact Information

Michael Petow
(310) 989-0476

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Artist Work

The Altar (2018)
Oil and spray paint on linen

George Washington (2018)
Oil, enamel, acrylic, latex and spray paint on linen

Sculptural Composition (2018)
Latex and spray paint on linen