Michael Malinowski, Drummer

“People often feel ‘lost’ or are constantly trying to ‘find’ themselves. My mission is that you will find yourself lost in my music. I want to give people an out-of-body experience, to elevate their minds. To raise awareness that music is so much bigger than just the singer’s high note or the bass drum’s thud. Forget where you are for a second. Listen.”


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Michael Malinowski
(626) 429-3806

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Rainbow Connection (2021)
This is episode 5 of my YouTube Series: "Can I Blast Beat or Reggaeton That?". In this series I take famous songs with minimal or no drums and either add blast beats or a Reggaeton beat.

Can I Blast Beat or Reggaeton That? Ep. 5: Rainbow Connection

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Daughters Drum Cover (2020)
A drum cover of one of my favorite bands, Daughters. This is “The Flammable Man” off their album, “You Won’t Get What You Want”.

Daughters - The Flammable Man - Drum Cover by Michael Malinowski

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When You're Coming Down | One High Five (2019)
My band, One High Five, when we toured up the west coast. This was recorded at Bridge City Sessions in Portland, Oregon.

One High Five - When You're Coming Down - Bridge City Sessions

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