Michael Biagiotti

I’m a Long Beach based artist originally from Long Island, NY, who moved to Southern California as a child and have lived in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Long Beach has been my home for 16 years. Through the use of bright colors and bold abstract shapes, created with a combination of oil and acrylic paints, watercolor and ink, colored pencil, photography, and illustration, I capture the diversity and spirit of our community. I consider my work “California Outsider Art”.

I currently have work hanging (or soon to be hung in Feb. ’24) at Long Beach businesses… including Selva (https://www.selvalbc.com), Steel Cup Cafe (https://www.steelcupcafe.com), The Good Bar (https://www.goodbarlb.com/), Metropolitan Furniture (https://www.metropolitandesignfurniture.com/), and Port City Tavern (https://www.portcitytavernlb.com). In November 2023, I had my artwork projected on 20 foot walls at Cypress College as part of a student event. This opened my eyes to how well my art translates to a larger scale. Please see the first photo below. My artists friends have encouraged me to get into creating murals! I love having my work out in our community and look forward to having an opportunity to paint a mural.

I also have a brand – O.I.L. Beach, which stands for “Only in Long Beach”. It continues the feel of my art with merchandise conveying the street/beach/car culture that is part of the Long Beach/Southern California lifestyle.

I’m open to any inquiries regarding my artwork.

Recent Events…

Gallery 99, Microgallery solo show, May ’24, Long Beach, CA.

Open Gallery Fundraiser, April ’24, Artists Co-op, Long Beach, CA.

Me 23, group show, April ’24, fundraiser for the arts dept., Coastline Community College, Newport Beach, CA (https://www.coastline.edu/locations/newport-beach-campus/index.php)

Line Attack, group show, May ’24, The Hive Gallery, Downtown LA (https://hivegallery.com/)

Keepin’ it Local, group show, April ’24, Loiter Galleries, Downtown Long Beach (https://www.loitergalleries.com/)

Postmodern Deconstructed Skate Art, solo show, March- April ’24, The Good Bar (https://www.goodbarlb.com)

Fresh Honey, Group Show Feb. ’24, The Hive Gallery, Downtown LA (https://hivegallery.com/)

Open Theme Group Show Jan. ’24, Covet Gallery, Oceanside CA (https://www.covetartgallery.com/)

First Fridays Bixby Knolls (Feb 2/monthly), Expo Arts Center (https://bixbyknollsinfo.com/events/first-fridays/)

Downtown Long Beach Art Walk Jan. ’24,  (https://www.visitlongbeach.com/events/downtown-art-walk/)

Strength/Struggle Group Show Dec. ’23, Greenly Art Space (https://www.greenlyartspace.org/)

October 2023, Long Beach Open Studio Tour (https://lbopenstudiotour.com/)


Vimeo link to animated films – https://vimeo.com/mbiagiotti




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Contact Information

Michael Biagiotti - O.I.L. Beach

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Artist Work

"Fearless" & "I am Worthy" (2023)
Oil paintings being projected on 20ft walls at Cypress College Nov. 2023.

Heart Chakra Activation (2024)
Acrylic on wood. 11"x14" panels. Featured in micro Gallery 99 in Long Beach.

"I am Worthy" (2023)
Oil on canvas, 14" x 18"

"Hamsa" (2020)
Hand drawn digitized art. 8" x10"

"Buzz" (2024)
Acrylic on wood. 18"x13"

"Skate #1" (2024)
mixed media/assemblage, oil on canvas, custom stickers, skateboard trucks/wheels, handmade frame. 11" x 18"