Micah Bournes

Micah Bournes is a musician and poet born and raised in Long Beach, California. His work centers themes of culture, justice, and faith. He is passionate about helping others identify and grow their creativity, convinced that creative expression is essential to individual and community healing and thriving. He is the author of the poetry collection “Here Comes This Dreamer”, and has released 6 studio albums in various genres, including his latest hip hop record “DETOX”.




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Pulp Free (2021)
"Pulp Free" is a single from Micah's 2021 album "DETOX" which examines masculinity in the Black community; addressing what needs healing and celebrating what is beautiful. The "Pulp Free" video shows older Black men teaching Black boys about our beautiful culture.

Link to Pulp Free

Micah Bournes - Pulp Free

Welcome to the Black Academy for Male Flyness. Stream Pulp Free on Spotify and Apple Music (Links Below). Support Micah's music and poetry at patreon.com/micahbournes.

Native Tongue (2019)
"Native Tongue" challenges the notion of the literary/poetic canon in the English speaking western world. It shows how"broken" or "slang" english is often the way colonized people reclaim a sense of communal identity after their indigenous languages have been ripped from their mouths.

Link to Native Tongue

Micah Bournes - Native Tongue

See more of Micah's poetry and music at micahbournes.com, support micah's work at patreon.com/micahbournes.

Nothin' ft. Lucee (2020)
"Nothin' " is a song from Micah's 2020 collaborative folk project "Songs With Lucee". This live acoustic performance captures the spirit of the project as a whole. It's about the beauty and tension in loving relationships of all kinds, romance, friendship, and the divine.

Link to Nothin' ft. Lucee

Micah Bournes & Lucee - Nothin' (Live)

Micah and Lucee perform " Nothin' " from their joint project "Songs With Lucee." Download the entire project for free at micahbournes.bandcamp.com , stream it on Spotify and Apple Music, or purchase on itunes today.

A Simple Dream (2020)
"A Simple Dream" is a poem from Micah's book, "Here Comes This Dreamer".

Link to A Simple Dream

Micah Bournes - A Simple Dream

"A Simple Dream" is from Micah's debut poetry collection "Here Comes This Dreamer". The book is available for purchase today and the audiobook can be streamed on Spotify, purchased on iTunes, and downloaded for free at micahbournes.bandcamp.com .