Corin Kumamoto is a multimedia artist currently residing in Long Beach. His main mediums are traditional printmaking and digital illustration, but he also enjoys painting and traditional illustration. He has a BFA from the University of California Santa Cruz but was Long Beach born and raised. He’s done several group and solo exhibitions and is also featured as an artist in a couple anthologies based on Dungeons and Dragons on the DMs Guild (Including Friends Foes and Other Fine Folk). He also temporarily curated group exhibitions at the Santa Cruz Art League for 6 months.

Outside of creating art, his hobbies including gardening, cooking, and running group table top rpgs and boardgames with friends. He also enjoys walking dogs and swimming.


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Corin Kumamoto

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Artist Work

Big Sur Under the Stars (2018)
Oil on Canvas. A painting that was part of a series of night based scenery/landscape paintings done during early 2019. All of the images in the series were based on different nature settings in California but set at night.

Self Portrait Fall 2019 (2019)
A digital illustration/painting self portrait of the artist.

Morro Bay (2018)
Relief Print. Japanese Moku Hanga/Ukiyo-e style woodblock printing. Original Edition of 11. 4 blocks 5 colors used. Printed on handmade kozo (mulberry) paper. Designed and printed at Tokyo Geidai University of the Arts.