MEXIKA “Music and Dance of Ancient Mexico”

MEXIKA plays the cosmic and exotic sounding instruments of our Ancient Mexico! MEXIKA performs as a Trio of professional musicians. Upon request, we can bring our elegant dancers. We wear traditional beautiful, colorful garments with feathered headdresses, very visual!
We encourage our audiences to look at their own cultures in order to appreciate others, we believe that knowing one’s own culture is a step towards inner peace and harmony for all.
We always give well researched information on our culture and history! Each member of MEXIKA is a practicing traditional artist with years of experience. We are all members of the Aztec Dance community.



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Martin Espino
(562) 713-2774

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Artist Work

ROOTS FESTIVAL 2017 @ Long Beach Performing Arts Center (2017)
WORLD WOOD FESTIVAL presented a multi-cultural show. We performed a set of dance and music and shared the stage to "lead a group improvisation" with musicians from Khazakistan, India, Madagascar, Australia & more!!! In 2019 the committee brings MEXIKA to perform in Austria from March 17-27!!!

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El Dia de Los Muertos Long Beach (2018)
Our 2nd year of being invited to bring down the house! We were the ones to truly represent at this festival and the only ones to mention anything about our culture and this sacred celebration!


Dia de Los Muertos

Interview/Performance - MEXIKA (2018) interviewed MEXIKA prior to our performance at a FIESTAS PATRIAS event in Buena Park, CA

Link to Interview/Performance - MEXIKA

Tulipanes Festival 2018, Holland, Michigan (2018)
This is the size of the MEXIKA ensemble that toured Michigan for the Tulipanes Festival, MEXIKA has been invited almost yearly to this festival since 2004!

MEXIKA "The Sound of Ancient Mexico" - May 2015

MEXIKA "Live" @ Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in May 2015. That day we had 9 dancers with us from Danza Coaxochitl de Liliana Curioca. Hope you enjoy I just received this today! ! Much love to Maestros Gabriel Gabriel Castañeda, Erick Barraza and Nazario Segura.