Meeson Pae Yang

The work explores the convergence of science, technology and mythology into a thickly layered stratum of images and objects reflecting systems within nature. Intersections and parallels in systems become unfolding metaphors and imagery to dissect and explore. Much of the work begins by extracting simple elements and then expanding, repeating, and extending these components into transmuted conglomerations.

The process of the work involves a methodical collecting of artifacts, images, and sounds to synthesize and compress into expansive visual fields. Working in a variety of media from painting, video, sculpture and installation, each medium is a tool to process natural phenomena from the microscopic to the macroscopic.


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Meeson Pae Yang

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Artist Work

Permeate (2016)
Permeate, 2016, 9.5 ft (h) x 38 ft (w) x 18 ft (d)- (dimensions variable), 3-channel video projection, sound, wire, plastic, vinyl, mylar, ink, paper, reflections

Entwined (2016)
Entwined, 2016, 10 ft (H) x 20 ft (W) x 10 ft (D), wire, ink, silicone, mylar, steel frame, laser cut mylar

Branching (2017)
Branching, 2017, 10 ft (H) x 15 ft (W) x 8 ft (D), Ink, acrylic, mylar, chiffon, clay, shadows