Master P.O.E.

Master P.O.E. is an East-Coast Hip-Hop Artist from Baltimore,Maryland. Bi-Coastal between Baltimore and the LBC, Your “Neighborhood Poet” is a one of a kind type of RAW that we have yet to see resurface in this NEW HIP HOP ERA. The acronyms in his pseudonym stand for ” Master Poet On Everything”. Focusing on the art of communication and connectivity, he as an Artist, Writer, Poet, and Author, ensures that the melodies, words, visuals, as well as subject matter he chooses to convey his message are as captivating as “the perfect conversation”. No stranger to poverty or success, Master P.O.E.’s expression of art can identify with and relate to anything and anyone that loves music or any human trying to discover their true potential while fulfilling their life purpose!

• Conducts Daily Inspiration Sessions
Experience attentive listening and clarity within while relearning how to transfer energy of all aspects into a force that serves you and your life purpose!

•Creative Thinking/ Storytelling Coach
Follow the path of least resistance as this service will activate you to rediscover, identify, and enhance the tools necessary for you to evolve your creative thinking skills. This service is intended to welcome clarity as well as a sense of creative purpose and direction into your life!



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Your Neighborhood Poet

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Artist Work

BE Neighborly Vol.1 (2021)
D'Highs to the Good Vibes!

Link to BE Neighborly Vol.1

Master P.O.E. ep (2020)
Hip Hop roots!

Link to Master P.O.E. ep

Top of the Top! (2020)
Master P.O.E. gives a surprise freestyle set live with Nonchalant Savant and friends!

Neighborhood Poet (2020)
Master P.O.E. in Watts with Sir of T.D.E. P.O.E. was on a book promo for his book Much Gratitude

Link to Neighborhood Poet