Martin Alexander Spratlen Etem

Martin Etem is a multidisciplinary artist using drawing, painting, and sculpture to survey modern society’s ideologies and sociology. Influenced by past experiences and imagination, Etem recontextualizes art history to create a visual language that embodies both a world view and personal narrative by calling attention to race, gender, value, and beauty.


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Martin Alexander Spratlen Etem

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Seeds (After Sam Durant's, "They thought they could bury us...") (2019)
They thought they could bury us. They didn't know we were seeds.- Mexican Proverb

Pantheon no.1 (2020)
The lineage and blood line of the gods. An exploration of divine.

Figure Study/Social Study no. 2 (2018)
An exploration of the multidimensionality of identity, the vast spectrum we all exist on, and the same things that divide us are the same things that unite us.