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As co-founders of Marston and Brunt Art Studio, we—Patrick Marston and Michael Brunt—navigate the intersection of art, commerce, and spirituality. With over 15 years dedicated to the arts, we’ve fine-tuned a blend of professionalism and spiritual inspiration that manifests through form, color, and symbol. Our creations are not just visual tapestries; they’re catalysts for emotion, spiritual contemplation, and meaningful discourse.

Drawing from an extensive background in art creation, gallery management, and retail business strategy, we offer a 360-degree artistic experience that breaks boundaries. We’ve had the honor of partnering with industry leaders like Google and esteemed organizations such as the Museum of Contemporary Art. These collaborations serve as testaments to our expertise in translating artistic visions into commercial successes, and vice versa.

The core of our ethos lies in collaboration and inclusivity. With a proven track record that boasts a 95% customer retention rate, we’ve perfected an approach that keeps communication channels perpetually open and transparent. This consultative approach extends from conception to creation, where clients become co-creators in the artistic journey.

In today’s digitized world, we take pride in our use of varied mediums that honor traditional craftsmanship—be it oil, acrylic, pastel, gold leaf, epoxy, or resin. These materials serve as the raw language through which we communicate our artistic narratives. Yet, we are not purists; our art integrates modern and traditional elements, creating a timeless fusion that appeals to a wide audience.

As we look toward the future, our focus sharpens on expanding our artistic footprint. Our immediate goals include a curated series of paintings for an upcoming, undated exhibition and a line of bespoke retail products. These endeavors are fuelled by our commitment to make art accessible, both physically and emotionally.

We’re also heavily invested in leveraging social media platforms and cutting-edge marketing strategies to widen our audience reach. This extends beyond mere online visibility; we aim to create digital spaces where our audience can engage with our art and each other, forming a virtual community bound by the appreciation of beauty and meaning.

Marston and Brunt Art Studio is thus more than an art business; it is a hub for artistic exploration, a sanctuary for emotional wellness, and a platform for collective spiritual growth. As we continue to evolve and adapt, our mission remains steadfast—to inspire, connect, and transcend.

Join us in this enriching journey, as we break molds, defy norms, and shape a world where art is not merely seen but profoundly felt.


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Marston and Brunt Art Studio
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Artist Work

Fine Art (2023)
Patrick Marston has over 20 years of experience in creating iconic art that uplifts and inspires. Renowned for his vibrant goldfish series and various commissioned murals, his work embodies a philosophy of spreading beauty and positivity through masterful use of color and light.

Link to Fine Art

Murals (2023)
At Marston and Brunt Art Studio, we specialize in custom, hand-painted murals that elevate any space—homes, offices, or public areas. Our artists excel in creating vibrant, large-scale art with meticulous detail. We're committed to professionalism and aim to uplift and enrich communities through our work.

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Moss Walls & Living Walls (2023)
Patrick Marston specializes in biophilic design, creating living walls and moss panels that transform spaces into natural oases. Using a range of durable plants and materials, he offers custom designs tailored to each client's needs. His living walls and moss art bring vitality and style to any setting.

Link to Moss Walls & Living Walls