Marlene Alvarado

I am a videographer and photographer. I have written, shot, edited and produced over 200 videos that cover a range of subjects from politics to artistic. My photography is traditional to experimental. My subjects can be local to international.


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Marlene Alvarado
(562) 225-2222

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Luna Rising Art Party (2016)
Promotional video for the Long Beach Luna Rising art exhibit that featured local artist

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Aia White-Podue of Luna Rising Art Sudio discusses the Art Party she is holding at her Studio. She has invited other artist to show their work with her on August 20, 2016

Medicare For All Car Caravan, Long Beach (2021)
Interview with Leanna Noble of DSA Long Beach about the Long Beach Medicare for All Car Caravan she helped organize.

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Patty Clark, Leanna Noble, California Nurses Association, DSA, The Long Beach Gray Panthers, Our Revolution, Long Beach Area Peace Network and others, got together about 100 cars for Medicare for All Car Caravan Feb 6, 2021. It was fantastic to be with great, committed people who organized to insure everyone can have health care!

Rocinha Rio de Janeiro's Largest Favela (2019)
A video poem I did about Rocinha favela the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro. There are approximately 600 favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Rocinha means ‘little farm.’ It is located in the south zone of Rio and supports a population of 70,000 people.

Rocinha Rio de Janeiro's Largest Favela 2

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Winter in Chicago, IL (2020)
Photographed a tree covered in snow and painted it with an oil digital effect