Combining a mix of sounds and genres made for the soul, Malcolm is a rapper, singer and songwriter born and raised in Houston, Texas. Raised by a family with a deep musical background in the south, Malcolm grew up watching his mother sing and his uncles start and manage a successful music label in the 80’s.

In his teens, Malcolm started making his own music, experimenting and incorporating influences and genres ranging from disco, pop, rock, funk, and hip hop. He wrote, recorded and produced his first album titled “1992” in 2016 under the former stage name of “Young Apollo,” which garnered over 175k streams on Sound Cloud alone.

With an active listening base of over 5k on just Spotify, Malcolm is quickly gaining attention and is currently working on his second album titled, “Back Tracker,” which will feature a healing and soulful mix of genres and sounds like funk, hip hop and r & b and is getting ready to kick off a tour in 2020.


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(562) 441-6627

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Artist Work

Want You (2018)
First single from album Back Tracker coming out in January 2020

Want You by MALCOLM

MALCOLM - Want You 1992 The Label LLC.

Do You Love Me? (2019)
Second Single off Back Tracker album. This is a blend of funk and pop.

Do You Love Me? by MALCOLM

I take you on a trip through my lows and highs!

1992 Album (2016)
First Album

Wake Up by MALCOLM

FOLLOW @YOUNG1992APOLLO ON TWITTER FREE STREAM PURCHASE AT ITUNES STEAM ON APPLE MUSIC "1992" Written & Produced By Young Apollo Mixed By Young Apollo & Mastered By Isaac Chavez-Garza Recorded @ SOLOW STUDIOS 1992 The Label