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I am Kelsie Lyn, a self-taught creative drawer. Having drawn since I can remember, and trying many ways to draw throughout my childhood and teen years, I found that I did really well with drawing on graph paper.  Creating works of art I put my emotions onto the paper.  Not only that, but as a way to describe how I feel or see everything using geometric shapes on the graph paper.  I mostly use colored pencil, marker, sometimes adding gel pens, paint, and/or pastels.  I like to let my artwork speak for itself, and like to hear what others see in it.  It is different, and I have heard that my art is “trippy.”


Contact Information

Kelsie Lyn
(562) 619-7138

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Artist Work

Chaotic Mind (2015)
A small glimpse into what is on my mind. Using sharpie markers and crayola color pencils on graph paper.

IriCas (2017)
A friend that hasn't been seen using Colored pencils, sharpie markers and gel pens on graph paper

Bright Side? (2016)
Looking on the bright side of things with a bubbly mood.Colored pencil and sharpie pen on graph paper.