Lucy Rodriguez-Hanley

Creative non-fiction writer, filmmaker, mother of Hudson & Charlie. Dominicana via Washington Heights now living in the LBC. My film The Big Deal won the Imagen Award for Best Theatrical Short. Currently writing a memoir and feature film script while working full-time and trying to juggle it all.

I strive to tell relatable stories that accurately portray the bilingual, bicultural, brown girl and woman. When our voice is heard, when we are seen, our points of view become recognizable and we can participate in the conversation.
I challenge the stereotypes that marginalize people who grow up immigrant, urban, and poor. I often address conflict with humor by placing my characters in uncomfortable situations and use comedy (usually dark) to get them out of it. Humor provides relief and makes it easier to get my point across and change a mind or two in the process.




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Lucy Rodriguez Hanley

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The Big Deal (2011)
2011 Imagen Award Winner - Best Theatrical Short Find out what happens when Michele brings home her agnostic, vegan boyfriend to meet her Catholic, meat eating family Based on a short story from the book How to be a Chicana Role Model by Michele Serros

Day of the Girl (2013)
An exercise on how to create tension without dialogue - 4 hrs of shooting, filmed with a GoPro and a Panasonic GH 2. Don’t judge the quality or the special effects - total budget was about $150 (food for crew and special effects).

Letter to the Selection Committee (2017)
Writing Sample

Link to Letter to the Selection Committee

Fibroids and the MRI (2017)
Writing Sample

Link to Fibroids and the MRI