Love Soul Productions

Love Soul Productions is a business dedicated to Change; although we specialize in music production, our primary focus is to unite the world through the power of love, art and music. We are here to serve as a platform for the people; a platform in which ideas are shared, cultivated and manifested. Our purpose is to spread conscious and social awareness through the power of music. Let your voice be heard!


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Adam Valenzuela
(323) 635-7511

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Artist Work

A Love Soul Party- Live After 5 Feat. Ganda (2018)
A Love Soul Party is part of the Live After 5 event and is extremely special to us because it brings the whole community together and you get to see all walks of life united through the power of music.

A Love Soul Party-Jam (2018)
A Love Soul Party Jam provides a special atmosphere that allows artists, and other creatives an opportunity to express themselves in a positive, loving environment.