Member of Jupiter 2.0 and solo artist.
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, performer, music-producer
I create music in multiple genres including rock, alternative rock, pop-punk, pop, surf-rock and various other styles utilizing standard American rhythms as well as exotic and world beats. Lyrical subjects include topical, reflection, love, romance, paradox, irony, hypocrisy, physics, metaphysical and simple fun. I perform with a 12 string guitar layering multiple tones and harmonics to create a very full sound. My primary band is Jupiter 2.0 which ranges from a two member band to a four member ensemble.


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Lorenzo Gigliotti
(562) 899-1042

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Artist Work

Jupiter Performing on Jammin' Live - LBCC Studio (2018)
Jupiter 2.0 performing a 30 minute set on Jamin' Live from the LBCC Studio -- selected songs from the 1980 album "Multiple Choice", "Rich and Famous"and "Destiny, Free-Will and Chaos"

Jupiter 2.0 Performing On Jammin' Live LBCC

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Jupiter 2.0 at House of Blues - Clip of "Elusive Words" (2017)
Jupiter 2.0 performed at Anaheim House of Blues -- this clip is from "Elusive Words" -- an original song written by Lorenzo Gigliotti

Link to Jupiter 2.0 at House of Blues - Clip of "Elusive Words"

Jupiter 2.0 performing "10 Dimes" (2018)
Jupiter 2 0 - "10 Dimes" was written to raise awareness regarding those in need and the efforts of musicians to use their performances to raise funds or gather other donations to help feed or acquire things humans need to survive Two local charitable organizations are alluded to.

Jupiter 2.0 Performs "10 Dimes" On Jammin' Live At LBCC Studio

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