London Battle

Depending on the medium, my work can look completely unrelated. I wouldn’t say I have one approach, one subject matter, or one idea when it comes to my art. My metalsmithing touches on elements beyond life such as death, life after death and the unknown we associate with it, shaped into darkened 3d forms typically small enough to fit into your hands to remind the audience of the weight of your life. While my illustrations and paintings float between whimsical and playful summary pastels reminiscent of your post brunch stroll through bluff park, I am also not a stranger to commenting on socio-economic conditions in my work. I like to avoid being contained to one genre and explore all ideas in the name of creative expression.


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London Battle
(562) 303-8289

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Artist Work

I'll be there (2018)
Relief print on Washi paper

Death lays here (2018)
Copper and brass metalsmith coffin

Minimalistic toy story poster (2014)
Graphic Design work