Lisa Jackert

Lisa Jackert is a Long Beach native, a graduate of California State University Long Beach where she received her training in music therapy. She has been a board-certified music therapist since 1990. Around this time Lisa also began writing songs and performing as a singer, song-writer. She enjoys singing a variety of music styles, including folk, country, blues, rock, pop, jazz and also classical. Lisa is also a member of the praise band and sanctuary choir at Grace First Presbyterian Church. Lisa has performed solo as well as collaborating with other artists. Lisa plays guitar, piano and violin. Lisa specializes in creating unique music experiences for her audiences. She is also a certified Healthy Rhythms drum facilitator. She has created engaging drum and song circle experiences for a variety of audiences, including 12 step groups, spiritual retreats, workshops for choirs, corporate team building, families and senior groups. Lisa’s mission is to use music to bring hope and healing through meaningful music experiences that provide listeners an opportunity to connect with each other and themselves. She believes that there is no place that the music cannot go or does not belong. Lisa views the music as tool to be used for the purpose of helping others to experience joy, quality of life and peace. Through supportive music making experiences she strives to make Long Beach a welcoming place for all who live her and visit.


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Lisa Jackert
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"Salt and Sweet"
My original song, "Salt and Song" performed for the target audience for that song- at a local WW meeting (Wellness Watchers- formerly, Weight Watchers)

Lisa Jackert

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"Serenity Prayer"
This is my arrangement of the "Serenity Prayer". The chorus of the song includes the words to the well-known prayer. The verses were created from the first two of the 12 steps. Slogans and affirmation statements were also used as lyrics.

Serenity Prayer

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"She Could Rock
An original song celebrating women's empowerment done in a rock/blues style.

She Could Rock

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