Linda McClure

I am a painter, digital artist, and teacher. I work with oils and multimedia. I have been involved in creative projects my whole life. I love to travel.

Solo traveling provides wonderful opportunities and unique situations. It can also provide challenges. One of the reasons I love solo traveling is because it allows me to go to cool, unusual places and sit and draw for hours. I have also found that there are art trips all over the world that provide opportunities for artists to adventure to new places. My paintings reflect my travels and how I see the world.


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Linda McClure
(562) 760-2958

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Artist Work

Kingfisher at Rest (2022)
16"x20" Oil on CanvasI photographed this Kingfisher when I was on a safari in Botswana, South Africa. The Kingfisher is an amazing bird. They fly very fast and very bright and beautiful. I tried for days to get a good photograph so I could create this oil painting.

Pelican with Dahlias (2021)
16" x 20" Oil and Acrylic on CanvasI painted this at Christmas because living in Long Beach at the holidays is unique. Sea birds are part of Long Beach and I love watching the pelicans while walking along Alamitos Peninsula.

Adaptable (2021)
16" x 20" Oil on CanvasLeopards are the most adaptable animal in the jungle. I saw a few when I was in Africa and it was always a thrill because they are hard to spot. They are beautiful and regal. They embody the jungle in one glance.

Digital Art (2019)
My watercolors and digital art can be found on many products such as phone cases, bags, shirts, and home decor. The link I provided will show my work at one of my print on demand stores.

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