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Lina Hayek is an exceptional and much sought-after guitarist, vocalist, choral director, voice over artist and recording engineer. She has played live music at the Presidential Inauguration of The El Salvadorian President to a crowd of over 50,000 people. Lina’s smooth, mellow tones and sweet vocals have been described as “Norah Jones” with a guitar. She even won first place and overall grand prize in a talent show portraying Elvis Presley.

Known for her incredible heart & soul, Lina uses her talents to capture and engage the crowd with her beautifully & blended diversity of music styles, as she has a gift for taking a piece of music, not her own, and stylizing it to sound like something captivatingly new.

Lina was born in Kuwait to a Lebanese father and a Palestinian mother, and is fluent in Arabic. Her love for faith and music, combined with her multi-cultural background and musical family influences, displays an unbreakable link between traditional & cutting-edge contemporary music.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts and a Masters in Humanities, with over 20 years of professional performance experience. Although not born in the US, she calls Southern California home, and enjoys stirring & capturing the hearts of others globally, in order to achieve a greater passion for faith, love & life, one note at a time.

Live music has clinically been shown to reduce stress, and is the holistic approach in many therapies. The best way to describe it would be a euphoria of the spirit, heart and mind.

We know that live music creates excitement at a wedding, for instance, or a dance social situation, like a club. We also know that live music can create an emotional bond between people, or can even take us back into a memory. This can lead to tears, especially at a life celebration of somebody dear to us, or even a moment in our past where we were strongly reminded of something or someone when associating a particular piece of song with.

The beauty and versatility of live musicians, is that they can adapt really well to the different types of events they have been hired to play or sing for. For instance, If you have a wedding ceremony, and need just some background music during the vows, or a prayer or a candle lighting or sand ceremony, a live musicians can play soft music that is more appropriate. This serves more as background music, so the moment is enhanced through whatever is being played.

If the timing at an event, leads up to a special moment, such as a kiss, having a live musician can really make the beat of that moment so precise, that it is seamless. This almost feels like a customized movie track to that special day. This is something that can not be done with a recorded piece of music in that same situation. The fade outs, the beats, and the rhythmic patterns can not be controlled in the same manner.


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