Leah Norwood

Leah Norwood is a 19-year-old Los Angeles County-based Documentary Photographer

Leah was born in Harbor City, CA and raised in between Long Beach and the Bay Area. Leah has always been an observer with and without the camera. As a child, Leah was described by her mother as “analyzing almost every aspect of her environment…detective”. Once developing an interest in photography at the age of 14, Leah began making her own photography zines and selling them to pay for film and processing. Leah has always had a business mindset while starting her first online pin and t-shirt shop at the age of 13.

Leah is a self-driven and motivated individual, all of her work alludes to the arranged notion that people of color can not show emotions deemed “white”. Through Leah’s work, it is apparent that she chooses to not only expose the realities of people of color, also shows a vastly different perspective of people of color that people choose to be Blinded by.Long Beach is her home, this city birthed her creative expression, the diversity of this town has allowed her to understand a variety of individuals, as well as can be partially thanked for her artistic development. Leah has chosen art as a pathway to express one’s self through the images of others.


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Artist Work

Nagi Says (2019)
Nagi on Hollywood Blvd He was ecstatic when I asked for a quick shot, he insisted on more! He posed for me for 1/2 hr and telling me all about his life Current drug user and use to be a background dancer for Cypress Hill Nagi Says So Much More.

"Blue Boy" Featured Photo (2019)
This was my first time submitting my work to an online/expo art collective outside of California. My photo depicts a young man smoking a cigarette in a nicely tailored suit underneath the deep blue sky and ominous trees.

Link to "Blue Boy" Featured Photo

Home Is A Dirty Street (2019)
This is one of the many photos from my self published zine "Lisa Says" This is Kaila, raised in Watts, CA and a current University student On a hot summer day, we walked to the corner store for some ice cream to feel like a kid again but still stuck