Laurie Sumiye

My creative practice is a holistic investigation of how we humans connect to nature, finding intimate dimensions of our psyche that are spiritual, experiential and individuated. I gather inspiration from investigating specificity of environments that produce unique forms. My research involves studying and documenting plants and animals, deconstructing humans’ perception of nature, and connecting biological, sociological and theological themes. By engaging in environmental issues as an artist and documentary storyteller, the study of endangered species becomes a metaphor for self-realization through science. I am also interested in small-scale human interactions with an environment; gardening, land art and habitat restoration. As an interdisciplinary conceptual artist, I express my ideas through verbal, audio-visual, animation, 2D, 3D, and organic media experimentations.


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Laurie Sumiye
(808) 445-3375

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Artist Work

Ex Situ (2018)
Ex situ conservation is the practice of raising rare species outside of their habitat, maintaining live organisms in manmade surroundings The ‘Alalā (Hawaiian Crow) is a premier example, and one of the most endangered animals in the world, about 125 remain.

Kauo (2017)
Kauō means "egg" in Hawaiian, and is also the Hawaiian name for Laysan Island. This series of egg sculptures are cast from real Laysan Albatross eggs and made of Hawaiian beach debris and resin, set in a bed of sand and wood.

Palila Portraits (2020)
There are an estimated 600 Palila birds left in the world, an endangered Hawaiian finch. The large-scale paintings make individual birds human-sized, like portraiture. We see them as individuals who are on the same level of importance.