Laura Odermatt

Since I was little, I loved photography and poetry. I believe that cinematography mixes these two art forms, and I think that’s why I fell in love with it. It is extremely fulfilling to feel a narrative and then to create visual metaphors and poetic images that reflect these feelings.
A lot of cinematography, to me, comes from emotional instinct. I love sitting down with the director and dreaming up the visuals together. Because I write poetry, I very naturally associate and make sense of my emotions visually. I am sensitive, and intensely empathetic. I think this is one of my biggest strengths as a cinematographer. I am constantly aware of the characters and subjects, never wanting to take advantage of them in the pursuit of capture.
Many of the short films that I’ve shot deal with loneliness or introspection, one way or another. I feel strongly for this kind of subject matter; I think it is something that everyone can relate to and it has a lot of opportunity for interesting visuals.
I love to capture the quiet moments, the moments of truth. I have a deep appreciation for and believe strongly in the beauty in life’s moments. Moments where time slows down for a minute and we feel truly awake, truly liberated, are what I seek and live for. I think cinematography has the unique ability to capture these moments and to give an audience this feeling. It is unlike any other medium in this capacity. Through my cinematography, I hope to make audiences feel alive; I hope to remind them of the beauty in life’s passing moments.


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Laura Odermatt
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Artist Work

Director of Photography Showreel (2018)
Cameras: Panavision DXLPanaflex G-IIArri 16SRArri AlexaCanon 5D MK IIISony a7s ii

A Musical Thing Trailer (2018)
A short film I wrote, directed, shot, and edited — using the Panavision DXL.

Eckart Preu - Humanity (2017)