LaRonica “Ronnie” Southerland

LaRonica “Ronnie” Southerland is a native of Columbus, Ohio. Discovering her passion for dance at the age of five, she began her training in ballet and lyrical dance; studying at Ballet Met, Columbus Youth Ballet, Leap of Faith Dance Studio, and Fort Hayes Pre-professional program with the Dance Theater of Harlem ballerina, China White.
Ronnie’s passion for movement led her to continue her studies at Kent State University, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. During her undergrad, she participated in American College Dance Festival, Kent Student Dance Festival, The BFA Senior Concert, and the Kent Dance Ensemble, a pre-professional traveling dance company. During an artistic residency with Cynthia Gutierrez-Garner and Brad Garner, Ronnie’s interest in artist development piqued. She made it her mission to teach artists the importance of longevity for their bodies, leading her to the road of educating young dancers in Los Angeles.
Since being in California, Ronnie has had the honor of being the box office manager for Cirque du Soleil. Targeting demographics from toddlers to mature adults, she has developed both dance and fitness classes; educating people on the importance of staying healthy and being active.

My Artist Statement
I aim to challenge singular narratives through beauty, strength and expression. My artistic process explores the boundaries of my confidence, sensuality, and resilience. My body is the canvas and my movement, the strokes. When creating work I emphasize the importance of identify through character development. Often breaking the “fourth wall” through moments of comic relief to relate to my audience. I am most satisfied when creating art that heals and values a spirit of endurance.


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LaRonica "Ronnie" Southerland

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Artist Work

Carmen (2020)
Picture of me performing in PINS 2020 curated by The CRayProject.

The Get Down (2018)
A funky Jazz piece. I choreographed for the showcase called Reflect in Los Angeles curated by James Mahkween.

"Excuse me while I kiss the sky" (2020)
Catch in my element dance and modeling.