Lara Lee Meintjes (aka Agnes)

Lara Meintjes, also known as Agnes, is a South African artist, happily living in Long Beach, California. She is particularly interested in anthropomorphism and the colonizing properties of ink. Lara is fascinated by the dividing line between fact and fantasy, and the lingering imprint of childhood on our adult lives. She likes to play in the negative space between objects.



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Lara Lee Meintjes

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Vase of Proteas and Banksias (2018)
A glass vase overflowing with plant life features in this little square painting. The floral arrangement is composed of lush pink king proteas, vibrant red & warm ochre banksias and delicate leaves in soft grey green and pink tones. Deep emerald and viridian leaves overlap the vase.

Floral Jungle on White (2016)
Pastel jungle of flowers and speckled leaves on white background, features thickened, built up areas of paint and visible brush strokes. Pink, orange, green and blue tones work harmoniously in this piece. These paintings are sold through Saatchi Art.

Rattan Chair and Horses (2017)
A wicker woven chair sits in a corner, inhabited by a big soft cushion that features a casual crayon indoor plant pattern, and beneath this, a blue, white and cream rug featuring a playful horse pattern covers most of the floor This Hockney inspired chair piece is a favourite.

Marching Band (2016)
A lively marching band stands for a portrait, the vibrant orange red of their uniforms leaking out in a glorious cloud around them.