Lance Morris

My work starts with my own explorations of urban areas on foot. My primary goal for these explorations is to experience my surroundings in a more intimate way. After moving to Los Angeles County, I realized that I was spending all of my time driving. I became intrigued by this auto-centric landscape and began navigating the Los Alamitos Roundabout on foot. Upon further exploration of Google Earth, I began noticing complex and intriguing patterns in the landscape. These patterns started leading my walks, most notably along the old Pacific Electric Railway line that runs diagonally across Long Beach. My attempt to keep my path as close to that diagonal as possible led to several discoveries, including sections of original track which were never removed.

Using the work of Richard Long as my inspiration, I track my wanderings using a GPS app and take photos along my walks. I filter the resulting data and imagery through mechanical methods of production such as laser cutting and screen-printing. I then combine these printed and etched panels into multi-layered pieces, creating visually off-kilter juxtapositions.


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Lance Morris
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Artist Work

Local Positioning System (detail) (2013)
This piece is a triptych which was part of a larger installation. It focuses specifically on the Los Alamitos Roundabout in Long Beach, California, using historical and original imagery and GPS data to create a story about various types of traffic which utilize this traffic feature.

Palm Lines (2015)
This is a multi-layered laser-etched acrylic piece. In it I am exploring the visual relationship between technology and nature.

Survey Marker 1-3 (2016)
These are multi-layered laser-etched acrylic and cast resin pieces. They are representations of survey markers which I observed during my walks around the city.