Kyra Leah

Kyra Palmer is a 23 year old full time student and artist. She was born and raised in San Clemente, CA  but moved to Long Beach, CA in 2017 where she currently resides. Kyra is currently attending CSULB pursing a BA in studio arts, however she has made her emphasis in drawing and painting. Outside of school she has been participating in the local art scenes and loves to get involved with the community.


Contact Information

Kyra Palmer
(949) 436-2706

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Artist Work

A Dream to be Heard (2018)
A painting based on a women named Dream who I met and interviewed. I wanted to learn about the lives of others, their hardships and paint their beauty. Supporting LBGTQ community, this is a bad ass women of color who is trying to succeed in the music industry.

Can you feel me now? (2018)
A piece with maximum intensity of emotions. A work about anxiety.

Beauty Decays (2017)
Older painting I did, but it holds importance to me because of the influence of art history I had when creating this.