Kyle Alesandra Cohen

I have been a photographer and writer for over 50 years. When I moved to the Long Beach Senior Arts Colony in 2017, I was encouraged to try new media and I had the time to do it, as I was retired. I picked up where I left off in college in a ceramics class. I learned to draw and paint with acrylics and watercolors. I bought some lovely papers and created some collages, four of which were in our art show in 2019 (two of those sold). I’ve also started taking piano and singing, memoir writing, and adopted a fabulous puppy who has been my subject and my muse.


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Kyle Alesandra Cohen
(424) 308-7472

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Artist Work

The Weight of the World Is On My Shoulders (2018)
Mixed media paper and paint

There's More Room In a Broken Heart (2019)
Mixed media paper and paint

Go Fish (2019)
Ceramic fish mobile