Koibito is a multi-instrumental duo based in Long Beach, CA. Lush, hard-hitting beat production anchors their experimental composition, while textured guitar loops and off-kilter flute melodies transform the ambient undertones into cinematic soundscapes.

Formed in 2017, Koibito (“lover” in Japanese) is the lovechild of producer Abbyss, a member of the Long Beach beat collective GRN+GLD, and Onu, a multi-instrumentalist and former frontwoman of the psychedelic rock band King Kang. The project originates from their ten-day journey through Tokyo and the countryside of Fujikawaguchiko last fall.

The duo released their debut EP Elian in January 2018 and has covered a lot of ground since, playing across Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. They have performed on Dublab, Music Tastes Good Festival, Hakuna CBD stage at Lightning in a Bottle, Superchief Gallery and many more DIY venues in the greater Los Angeles area. Their dynamic performances allow them to share a bill with heavy metal bands just as easily as they would with solo beatmakers.

Koibito is currently working on a full-length release, slated for early 2019.


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Artist Work

Elian (EP) (2018)
This body of work, which we recorded in January 2018, was deeply inspired by our days walking through the streets of Tokyo and the lush countryside of Fujikawaguchiko during the summer of 2017.

Link to Elian (EP)

Elian EP, by Koibito

Elian EP by Koibito, released 29 January 2018 1. Couplestuff 2. Gingersoda (ft. Hellgal) 3. 25 4. Caturday 5. Indica Instinct 6. Walk from Bathhouse 7. NYD 8. Outro Elian: We were told that he is a local third-grader artist in the making and the creator of this mask, which fell into our hands last year.

Koibito- OC Weekly Review (2018)
This is an article/review about our project and how we perform in the local Long Beach music scene.

Link to Koibito- OC Weekly Review

Koibito - Live Performance (2018)
This is a video depicting a live performance from Koibito at Pacific Playhouse in Long Beach, CA. *Please watch in 720p or higher*

Koibito Live at Pacific Playhouse

Video by: Mike Becerra Long Beach, CA August 2018