Kirk Jordan

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer–I have lived in Long Beach for 20 years and love the diversity and integrity of our music scene, from Hip Hop to Country, and all genres in between. I record and perform with my band under the name 8 Good Fingers for my more Pop and Rock inclinations, but also write and sing Country and Americana songs under my given name, Kirk Jordan (I can’t escape my small-town Midwest roots). I have produced tracks for other Long Beach artists (Lovely Outlaws, Katie Jo, Nathan Douglas, Mustachio, etc.) in addition to my own original material. Most of all, I strive to be true to what comes out of my head, without the filter of commercialism, and try to emphasize melody and interesting lyrics. I have performed in venues large (Hollywood Bowl) and small (a street corner) and enjoy the connections equally.


Contact Information

Kirk Jordan
(213) 379-6027

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Artist Work

Enjoy Sacramento, Woodstock, NY (2017)
Live performance of original song, Enjoy Sacramento.

Enjoy Sacramento by Kirk Jordan (8 Good Fingers)

Kirk's classic kiss-off song, performed at Richard Thompson's "Frets & Refrains" camp, with Emily Slomovitz on violin.

Heroes Live at 4th Street Vine (2017)
Cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" at Bowie tribute concert, 4th St. Vine, Long Beach

BOWIE HEROES by 8 Good Fingers

8 Good Fingers' cover of Bowie's "Heroes" at the 4th Street Vine Bowie Tribute Show, January 17, 2016. With Robby Ravenwood and Robby Delosier.

Carmelita Live at the Brass Lamp (2017)
Live performance at the Brass Lamp, Long Beach, CA

8 Good Fingers Carmelita, The Brass Lamp, Long Beach, CA

Cover of the great Warren Zevon song.