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Kiona Jones (they/she) is a creator, first and foremost. Their current love is working as a freelance entertainment journalist for online publications like Attack of the Fanboy, Game Rant, Film Daily, and The Nerd Stash. Most of Kiona’s work revolves around features about franchise projects (i.e., the MCU and Star Trek), but she isn’t afraid to step outside of their comfort zone to create news articles, fandom guides, and exciting listicles about everything from TV shows to new movies! You can find their extensive catalog of work here.

However, her first passion has been and still is photography. Kiona loves capturing the liveliness of a crowd, unique nature photos, and the occasional empty street. They have an interesting eye for camera-worthy moments that produce amazing photography. Most of all, Kiona loves sharing their work with others to help them see the beauty of the world from her perspective.



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Kiona Jones
(562) 682-7874

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Dex Records (2023)
taken with android camera phone (unfiltered).

Link to Dex Records

Yellow Wildflowers (2023)
taken with android camera phone (unfiltered).

Link to Yellow Wildflowers

Melinated (2017)
taken with android camera phone (unfiltered).

Link to Melinated

School Days (2023)
taken with android camera phone (unfiltered).