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All The Way Live (2018)
Overview of international event. All The Way Live utilizes dance as a means to reach out to underprivileged and at-risk youth in marginalized communities, working to fill the gaps left by public institutions with a safe environment to develop and create self-expression through dance Our after-school programs and urban

How Many Years Did We Fight the Beast Together (2018)
A unique soprano arrangement with kulintang gongs merges with Pangalay dancers in shadow, as composer/singer Jasmine Orpilla revisits timeless Filipino traditions in collaboration with Peter Deguzman, artistic director of Malaya Filipino-American Dance Arts Activist poet Carlos Bulosan inspires the ritualized operatic performance deconstructing the Filipino body via food, indigenous dance.

WOLF Photo (2018)
International men's hair product line. Photo shoot took place in Toronto, Canada with members of the Canadian National Rugby Team.