Kimo Bautista

Kimo Bautista is a self taught artist rooted in graffiti furthering growth through fine arts. Predominantly through study focusing in Printmaking and Ceramics. Current work sets out to portray a sense of technological dependency and ultimately a loss of humanity; with interpretations of spiritual health as well as turmoil.



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Kimo Bautista
(562) 235-4910

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Artist Work

Street Mandala: Stencil, street art, installation (2017)
Trees of Life project was a week long street installation spanning over a mile through the streets of Highland Park. To promote Vision Zero an initiative to create public awareness of street safety.


A five day, multifaceted experience that engaged the community of Highland Park in ways that were empowering, uniting, and familiar to the neighborhood. With the purpose of bringing awareness to the traffic violence that has plagued the corridor for years, while educating the community on traffic safety.

Metaphysical Traveller (2019)
Mural Installation for Hello Welcome LB, focusing on themes of chaos, struggle, oppression and spiritual health. Influenced by personal growth and loss.

Consciente (2018)
Consciente "conscious," is a double layered mono-print utilizing screenprint and relief printing techniques. Imagery referencing the idea of consciousness transcending through the artificiality of human creation.

Meditations of the Blind (2018)
Double mono print process. Colors are screenprinted on a open screen, then black ink is rolled onto a plexi-glass. Where ink is then removed in a reverse process of image making.

J.O.B 12616

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