Kelvin Lopez

I am very interested in everything metaphysical and mystical like time, space, abstract concepts, and spirituality. Throughout several art history courses as an undergrad with professor Moira West that emphasizes on Native American art and other non-Western nations, I acquired mindfulness of previous and contemporary indigenous symbolism, cultures, and philosophies. For instance to some nations, spirals habitually represent a symbol of faith like spirits and energy, or a sign of recognition like where to find water. My perception of a spiral’s mobility and the combination of the symbolic connotations I absorbed, guide me to believe that spirals behave as vessels or a particular sort of receptacle for the energy exchange of the cosmos. Similar to a spiral, I aspire to produce resonant, vital and lively works of art with a justification of symbolism by intrinsically creating imagery that not only communicates metaphysics and mysticism but also function as acquainted objects that induce serenity and tranquility.
My current body of work embodies manifestations based from personal experiences and my interests in metaphysics and mysticism. The intrinsic stimulus while printing echoes the exchange of energy I aim to facilitate through my prints. I incorporate crystalline forms into my work to resemble tangible quartzes that I utilize personally. Additionally, I integrate representations of nature in my prints, including organic and geometric shapes that emanate during the process of creating. I fell in love with the visual elements formed by the repetition of layers and textures realized through printmaking. Within my mixed media prints, I aim to create visual imagery occupied with resonance and vitality that epitomize metaphysical and mystical explorations of mine including my aspiration to influence the viewer to experience a moment of serenity and tranquility.


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Kelvin Lopez

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Artist Work

On Va Loin (Going Far) (2018)
Monoprint on Pellon5' x 15'

Le Parfum de Camille (Camille's Perfume) (2018)
Collograph and Serigraph on Pellon5' x 8'

Ne me Casses pas les Couilles (2018)
Mixed Media Collograph on Pellon5' x 10'

Crystal Visions (2018)
Mixed Media Collograph on Pellon