Kelly Hamilton

Hi, I’m Kelly Hamilton, a photographer and webmaster from Long Beach, CA. I’m drawn to photography because it has a unique ability to freeze time and preserve something you care about. Sometimes all you need is a single photo to explain an entire point in history, imagery is very powerful, especially in this new digital world. Photos can change your mood or your mind about literally any subject. Photography, for me, is an excuse to connect and reach out when I would have felt awkward otherwise. I love taking photos of people and capturing them in it. I have met some of my favorite people by saying “Hey, can I take your photo?”



Contact Information

Kelly Hamilton
(562) 506-4845

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Artist Work

Portrait of Talisa (2018)
Studio portrait of Talisa35mm film

Happy Clown (2017)
Exploring family history in the circus, Jessica dresses up as a clown.35mm film

Grab Bag Studio Website (2017)
Grab Bag Studio is an art project space and pop-up concept based in Long Beach, California. My main contribution was building and maintaining the website and taking all the photos you see on it.

Link to Grab Bag Studio Website