Kayla Buchner

Northern California born and raised, I am currently finishing up school at CSU Long Beach, working for my BFA in illustration.
I take inspiration from the people and places around me: environments that tell a story, people you may pass on the street, and and the little light moments in life. I hope to become a book illustrator and create fun, heartwarming images.


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Contact Information

Kayla Buchner
(530) 301-9394

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Artist Work

Winding Roads (2019)
Inspired by a trip to Fort Bragg, I aimed to capture the feel of a foggy coastal forest just after a light rain. I feel very drawn to nature and the colors and patterns that appear.

Landwich (2018)
A play on words, 'Landwich' incorporates my two loves: nature and food!

Workspace (2018)
I think the clutter that arises during daily life says a lot about a person and their habits. In my senior illustration series I choose to focus on the objects I came in contact with; the way I used them and they way they interacted with the space.