Katt Monroe

Katt Monroe, Art obsessed native of Baltimore, Maryland is a creative experience in human form. Her passion and intent for any production is expressed and executed well through various markets and industries. Vibrating high with the true belief that, “Art Is” indeed everywhere, you could expect any visual production Katt is involved with to be accurately and intentfully detailed as well as abstract, belonging to a bigger narrative. Considering herself a ever learning and growing Creative, Katt believes the artistic space carved while marrying concept to narrative displays truly how authenticity and representation are also “art” within a production.

International Publications, Make-up Artistry, Hair Health| Artistry, Aesthetic Dramaturgy, Fashion |Costuming, On Set Production, Speaking to Youth, Event Concept & Curation.


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Katt Monroe

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PINS 2021 Urban Burlesque Show "P.I.M.P set" (2021)
"P.I.M.P set" For the PINS 2021 "Cirque Du Freaks" Urban Burlesque Show , I took on the roll of Aesthetic Dramaturg. I worked closely with the directors and cast to capture the directors vision for the show and promo material in terms of costume styling and designing | leading Beauty.

"4" on LED Baltimore Billboad (2017)
Featured for LED Art Billboard in Baltimore MD , "4" Aesthetic Dramaturgy ( Concept, Casting, Beauty Lead & Execution, Era Costume Styling)

Link to "4" on LED Baltimore Billboad

Assistant MUA (lead this day) on set for film "YOU MARRIED DAT" (2020)
BTS shot on set of film "YOU MARRIED DAT" release info coming soon