Katie Elizabeth Stubblefield

Katie Stubblefield
Born and raised on the rural farm land and old-growth forests of Middle Tennessee, Stubblefield moved to Southern California in the early 1990s. With wide eyes, in her first year in California she beheld floods, earthquakes, fires and riots. Katie reveled in the glorious offerings of the SyFy Channel and witnessed the wonders of special effects. The ever-shifting oceans, the coal-dusted ports, the high-rise skylines, the wide cloudless blue skies and neon sunsets all soaked into her soul, binding past to present, inspiring future. All of this has feed her compulsive studio practice.
Stubblefield holds a BFA in Drawing/Painting from Middle Tennessee State University, as well as an MFA in Drawing/Painting and an Adaptive Adult Education Credential, both from California State University, Long Beach.
When not in the studio, she teaches adult education courses to individuals with developmental disabilities through Coastline Community College. Her class content is based on the core fine arts curriculum for the traditional mainstream students Katie taught at Loyola Marymount and California State University, Long Beach. Katie lives in Long Beach where she enjoys her family, playing poker or dominoes in the company of dear friends and tinkering around her vintage tiny home with her wife.


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Katie Stubblefield
(562) 477-8038

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Artist Work

Comeuppance (2018)
I make works of abjection, optimism, and entropy- systems burning, collapsing, resting, and reintegrating. Erratic weather’s aftermath fuels my work. Comeuppance, a chandeliered sculpture, is a frozen reflection of the moment of the onslaught of the storm and the birth of debris-of uprooting, tangling, air-born twisting, dying and recreating.

Shears (2018)
Her more recent works focus upon reactivating the markers of climate phenomena-primarily the inevitable giant debris piles that tangling everything natural and structural, personal and public. In the picture window frames of the diptych Sheers, avocado, lemon and gold drape, foreground and filter chaotic unreadable charcoaled destruction.

Sheering (2017)
I love the between times. They are terrible and wonderful and involve a lot of frightening satisfaction and ecstatic self-doubt. Sheering is one of a suite of paintings witnessing a burning memory. In this case: a late-night drive through a driving storm.