Katherine England

I make art because it makes me happy. It is that simple. I make art because I believe it does the same for people who see it. I especially enjoy large installations that hundreds or thousands of people get to see every day. My goal is to give them a momentary transformation while looking at the colors and movement. A momentary diversion and hopefully a new more playful mood as they move on. My training is in literature so symbolism and magical realism is a reoccurring theme in most of my installations and smaller works. I enjoy working with community. Sometimes in the design or actual construction of a piece. But I also love having my own private journey that becomes part of the community after completion. I love using a plethora of tessarae and materials to create unique quilts of textures that can captivate from afar and intrigue when viewed up close. I also want my work to appeal to a range of ages and to be relevant and attractive now as well as 100 years from now. No easy feat….just part of the fun.


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katherine england
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Artist Work

Salmon of Susitna (2018)
This is a 6 foot totem of the 5 different types of Salmon that swim the Susitna River in Talkeetna, Alaska. Set outside the education center in downtown Talkeetna. Created in lightweight concrete and mosaicked.

Orca (2017)
This was a fun mosaic installation involving kids from Orangethorpe Elementary School. It is 27' long and all glass and fused glass.

Child and tree (2020)
This is a method I learned in Italy. The 7 foot tree and girl are covered in Italian smalti on both sides. It is in Huntington Beach.