Katelyn Sanchez

As a dance-maker, performer, and writer, I am captivated by the probability of change and how that affects my artistic process. Because I strongly oppose any kind of withdrawal from authenticity, I find my community with artists who also create what they determine to be essential. By ruffling consciousnesses and disturbing comfortability, my work strives to leave observers without a clear translation. In order to immerse observers into the conversation, I play with storytelling, literary intertextuality, a spectrum of pedestrian and contemporary concert movement, and a conglomeration of theatrical elements including extravagant costumes and props. Ultimately, my work does not allow for the observer’s nonchalance or disingenuous involvement; it encourages introspection.


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Katelyn Sanchez

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This is for yesterday (2019)
This solo narrates the captivity that enshrouds those who attempt to fulfill another's expectation of beauty. This is for yesterday encapsulates this internal torture episodically, one fit after another.

goodly yet much muss (2019)
Chaos exists. goodly yet much muss is a duet that pinpoints and celebrates its inevitable actuality. Sometimes it takes a personal step to embrace big mess life, but in doing so, we find that we are unable to do anything about it anyway.

excerpt from King George VI (2019)
Integrative movement studies within the opera's storyline.