Kate Maleki

Hi I’m Kate!
I love to create, especially cute characters and whimsical worlds. Experimenting with colors and shapes is really fun for me. Sometimes I like to juxtapose cute and sweet themes with foreboding scenes. I also like to personify everyday objects and place them in more magical settings. On a clear day you might find me out and about, drawing what I see or what I’m imagining.
As the resident artist at Long Beach Creamery, the best ice cream spot around, I create our branding and the scoopie characters that adorn our shops. Making people smile with this work brings me a lot of joy.
Overall I like my work to evoke mostly pleasant feelings and represent beauty of all kinds. I would like to challenge the notion of what beauty and cuteness is and explore what it can be.
Thanks for reading! c:


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Contact Information

Kate Maleki
(562) 370-6869

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Artist Work

walk along (2020)
This illustration is the size of an envelope! I created it for Art Clout's USPS art project, using different sizes of brown ink pens and a yellow watercolor wash. I think its more fun in person, so I hope whoever received it enjoys all my little details c:

Wide Awake (2020)
This animation is a collaboration between me and a team of artists. We worked together for three months to bring my short story and characters to life. I had a lot of fun making this and made some of my closest friends along the way.

Link to Wide Awake

tangent (2022)
This piece is a collage/illustration that began as my printer misfiring and led to one of my favorite pieces. I digitally painted stickers and sliced up the test print as the backdrop for this lil clown. I wanted to utilize the notorious notion of a tangent to create this character.