Karl Roesch

Explaining my artistic synthesis and conceptualization involves a singular examination of time, human behavior, architectural space, regional place and feel, and “off the wall” experimentation, and how all integrate pentatically. In a previous installation time and historic native cultures were the conceptual generators for expressing form and movement along a rope bench. The bench is reconfigurable responding to user and site while maintaining historic integrity unique to Liberty Station. Artistic gestures are experienced through use and engagement. The first step in my synthesis is time. To me, time is more than a number. It is a sum of all human mistakes and successes that inform our daily routines for better or worse. To tap into the essence of a site, my vision guides down a rabbit hole of historical research and social understanding. Once I discover a catalyst through research, I then begin looking at the identity of place. Lastly, an abstraction occurs. It is hard to say what the abstraction will be, because each abstraction is creatively different, and uniquely tied to place and site.



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Karl Roesch
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Artist Work

Exploration (2016)
Fluids and spaces On display 2016, 8”x 8”x 16”Resin and Steel mesh Artist Born from pure sculptural exploration of natural deformations expressed in solidified fluid flows.

Human form and sensation (2012)
Human form and sensation Portfolio 2012, 10”x10” Collage Artist This piece was born from questioning the spatial quality of human form and the perception of man-made objects. Architecture, machinery, and anatomical ratios unmask an omnipresent geometry when juxtaposed and re-contextualized.

Art installation in London (2015)
To attempt to uncover a new realm between earth and sky, a layer where earth and man cease to be two separate elements, clear rods alter the view in elevated spaces. Creating a view to objectively distort objects beyond and overlap sky, nature, and man-made elements.