Kahlil Del Rossi

Using drawing, painting, ink and collage, I create works of art layered in processes I have cultivated from life experience. The processes are sometimes rigid, sometimes spontaneous and improvised.

I paint to reveal my hidden, often isolated self, as well as to coerce a connection between myself and my audience.

I have held many titles in my life: apprentice, student, teacher, designer, programmer, builder, maker, painter, artist. I endeavor to incorporate these roles in my artistic processes. When I paint, my inner artist plays. I am fascinated with the sciences and experimentation plays a great part in my work.

I take my internal confusion and turmoil, and display them as artworks that are often intense and energetic. I invite my audience to reach into their subconscious and explore the possibilities of the ambiguous forms.



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Artist Work

Fissure (2017)
31"x 45" Mixed media on Wood Panel

Cotton Candy (2018)
31"x 45" Ink on Wood Panel

Story of the Eye (2019)
14"x 11" Collage on Wood