Just Magic

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Julian “Just Magic” Montelongo believes that all art is magic. It’s an energy with the ability to manifest, transform, and communicate directly to people.

JM dove headfirst into his exploration into the magic of painting in 2010, live painting monthly at at events across LA and beyond. He since has created a family within the industry of artistic expression, working with various groups to bring the magic to life. Work including murals and large scale installations at music and arts events.

An avid scuba diver with a deep connection to the ocean, Julian hopes to push the importance of an understanding and respect for the worlds largest eco system. Inspiration for his vision is drawn straight from the natural movement of the raw materials themselves. Undulating breaths of light and color imitate the alien feeling of a weightless bliss within a vast world under the crushing power of the water above.



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Contact Information

Julian Montelongo
(310) 999-8716

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Artist Work

Gravity (2016)
Acrylic on panel

Infinite Connection (2014)
Acrylic on panel

Moon set (2018)
Acrylic on panel

Hammock Lounge (2018)
The Hammock Lounge art installation is an interactive place to get out of the sun and take some time to rest ad reflect. Originally used for Music & Art Festivals, now selling to local owners.