Joseph Stowers

My name is Joseph Stowers and I was born and raised in Long Beach. Ive been an artist since my childhood, but my official music career started back in 2013, since then I’ve played in bands, participated in fundraising shows, contributing my efforts towards a music program called Sound Army that helps teach music to the youth for free located at Homeland Cultural Center in Long Beach, as well as releasing an album of my own on Spotify. My Film career has progressing since 2017 to now being involved in a film production team called Uniquemp4, where we provide Short films, music videos for local artists, and commercials for local businesses. I will always be an artist and a creator.




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Joseph Stowers
(562) 350-5590

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Artist Work

Sound Army performance at Dance Fest (2019)
Myself performing with "Sound Army" at Dance Fest on Guitar at the Terrace Theater, Long Beach Performing Arts Center

Sound Army Dance Fest Performance/Documentary 2019 (2019)
This is the preparation a and performance of Sound Army at Dance Fest, Filmed by my production Team "Uniquemp4".

Joseph Stowers The Off-Beats Era (2018)
My Debut solo 7 track album released summer of 2018

Link to Joseph Stowers The Off-Beats Era

Joseph Stowers on set of music video (2019)
Myself setting up a shot for a music video

Link to Joseph Stowers on set of music video