Jose M. Loza

Much of my illustration and public art works draw from wildlife scenes, portraiture, geometric symbolism, and personal experiences. The process of gathering inspiration motivates the narratives and content in my work. I enjoy taking down observations in my sketchbook through quick studies with watercolor and sometimes just a pen. These influences give me some added context and a relationship to a time and place when painting a small illustration or a mural on a wall. The work I create intersects somewhere between personal observations, political satire, and current events.


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Jose M. Loza

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Artist Work

Amanda (2017)
Portrait Commission

Wanderer (2016)
This mural project is sponsored by the City of Long Beach Office of 9th District Councilman Rex Richardson. It is part of the Creative Corridor Mural project series titled Uptown Renaissance. It is painted on the Intercity Fellowship Hall building

Migrants (2016)
Children's book concept painting

Slumber Pug (2016)
Illustration of Sleeping Pug Acrylic on Polytab