Jorge Mujica

Jorge Mujica (B.1982) Mexico City, Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Mujica’s interest in art began when he traveled with his father, a photojournalist for the Spanish language newspaper “La Opinion”. From there, Mujica was able to mature a critical eye and formulate independent ideas about culture. This influenced him to seek an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Art History from California State University Bakersfield in 2008, A MA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago in 2010, and a MFA in Painting from Yale University. After completing his final degree in 2012, Mujica relocated to Hollywood CA, where he began to work as an independent artist and curator. In 2014 he established a studio in Long Beach, CA and in 2017 co-founded Creative Arts Coalition to Transform Urban Space (CACtTUS), a donation based project space for emerging contemporary artists in a live/work store front in Downtown Long Beach. He and his partner exhibit monthly installations by invited local, national, and international artists. He has shown at the Museum of Latin American Art (Long Beach, CA), Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum (San Bernardino), Steven Zevitas Gallery (Boston, MA), Yeah Maybe (Minneapolis, MN.), Basement Projects (Santa Ana, CA) @Studio_Mujica



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Jorge Mujica
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Artist Work

Art Traveler World Wide Interview / Vamos A La Playa 1-4-14 (2014)
Vamos A La Playa 1-14-14This one day installation at Santa Monica Beach was designed as a interactive public art encounter. It was my first

Art Traveler - Santa Monica California

Art Traveler is on location on the west side of L.A., with Artist Jorge Mujica. Today he is displaying his standing pieces of artwork in the sands of the Santa Monica Beach, for people to see.

A Vision of Standing Rock Under San Pedro @ CACtTUS Feb 2017 (2017)
Designed to be a site specific installation created with Rob Brown, viewers where encourages to call a number to access a soundtrack via cell phone and experience the window display and projector above to contemplate the moral issues surrounding the Governments decision on the Dakota Access Pipe Line.

Link to A Vision of Standing Rock Under San Pedro @ CACtTUS Feb 2017

Many People Lake Side (MPLS) @ Yeah Maybe Jan 2017 (2017)
A collaboration with Jonathan DeDecker MPLS was meant to be a poetic gesture of Minneapolis culture and the various seasonal engagements which transform the lake side throughout the year.

Link to Many People Lake Side (MPLS) @ Yeah Maybe Jan 2017

Double Dribble (2015)
Double Dribble was my first solo show and was Intended as an homage to both Los Angeles, and Boston, condensing and recapitulating the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

Link to Double Dribble